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The legal way to show movies & TV in a public or commercial space

Partnership origins

MPLC, founded in the UK in 2004, has evolved into the world’s largest non-theatrical TV and movie licensing company, largely attributed to its innovative Umbrella License that grants licensees the legal right to publicly exhibit content. The Founder’s pursuit of an exit strategy aligning with his family’s business led him to Tenzing, a partnership that wholeheartedly embraces the prospect of international expansion.

Why MPLC chose Tenzing

The decision to partner with Tenzing was driven by a blend of trust, likeability, and a people-oriented approach, as articulated by MPLC’s CEO at the time of the investment. He had grown disenchanted with other private equity firms primarily focused on aggressive growth and found Tenzing’s approach remarkably refreshing. What stood out was Tenzing’s stance, which was not to assert, “we could do this better than you,” but rather to express, “we believe you can achieve more than you currently are, and we’re here to provide the tools to make it happen.”

The swift understanding of MPLC’s business intricacies and the proactive implementation of positive changes in a collaborative fashion have not only added value but have also brought a breath of fresh air to the partnership.

Motivation for investment

As MPLC extended its global footprint and transcended its origins as a family-run business, the prospect of realising some of his investments and ultimately exiting became increasingly appealing to the Founder. After evaluating various investment avenues, including floatation, private equity – and Tenzing – emerged as the perfect match. MPLC recognised that Tenzing’s commitment to “Grow With Us” was more than a mere slogan; it was a shared ethos embraced by everyone in the company.

As a fast-growing business, we’re able to access some talent and people in our networks, but the wider network, and the depth and strength of that, that Tenzing can access from their broad careers and many investments supercharges our ability to grow. The help is always a pull from the company rather than a push from the investor.”

Rory Shedden

How have we helped MPLC since investing?

Within the initial two months of the partnership, it became evident that Tenzing’s support could propel MPLC to new heights. Even amid the challenges posed by a global pandemic, MPLC’s growth strategy remained robust, and all planned expansion initiatives were successfully launched. Tenzing played a pivotal role in supporting MPLC with a cultural transformation, implementing comprehensive systems, boosting sales, and introducing a transformative Chair. The comprehensive expertise provided by the Tenzing Growth Team yielded significant leverage and tangible results. MPLC is now well on track to achieve its aspiration of becoming the global industry standard for non-theatrical licensing.

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