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Saville Assessment

Market-leading talent assessment & development platform

Partnership origins

Saville, established in 2004, offers a unique product that calibrates personality profiles and assesses cognitive abilities in candidates and employees. These assessments provide companies with precise insights into workplace performance and future potential, facilitating the formation of effective teams.

In 2015, Saville became part of the global advisory, broking, and solutions conglomerate Towers Watson, which subsequently merged with Willis to create WTW. However, when WTW decided to divest the business, and the opportunity to invest in Saville materialised, Tenzing was eager to make a deal. The leadership team at Saville welcomed this move, anticipating the investment, guidance, and opportunities that the partnership with Tenzing would bring for the business and its employees.

The team sought strong financial backing from an organisation that would provide dedicated support to their business. Their preferred course of action was a period of private ownership backed by private equity.

Why Saville Assessment chose Tenzing

Saville Assessment was drawn to Tenzing for several compelling reasons, stating it was our strong technology focus and evident investment in understanding the assessment market that set us apart. The Saville team appreciated how Tenzing engaged experts to pose questions, offer suggestions, and make introductions, all of which are already yielding tangible benefits for the business.

Motivation for investment

Over more than two decades, Saville Assessment has painstakingly developed award-winning talent assessment products, earning a well-deserved reputation for providing precise insights into individuals based on rigorous scientific research that spans decades. In a climate where identifying, hiring, and developing talent has never been more critical, there remain untapped segments of the market that underutilise psychometric testing. In addition to preserving its status as the preferred supplier to WTW, a key global partner, Saville possesses an incredible opportunity to scale.

By leveraging the Tenzing Growth Team's expertise, there is a real opportunity to accelerate the growth of our business together; Tenzing has a strong appreciation for the sciences that underpin Saville's assessment solutions and the ambition to unlock the true potential of our business. The whole team are excited about the opportunity to bring new and enhanced solutions to more of our clients.”

Rab MacIver
R&D Director

What’s next for Saville Assessment?

Saville Assessment is now geared up to move forward, focusing its efforts on several key priorities. Their strategy encompasses strengthening their market presence and making substantial investments in marketing, business development, sales, and account management. These efforts are aimed at elevating the company’s go-to-market strategy, ensuring it delivers added value to both its existing and potential clients.

Furthermore, Saville plans to enhance the candidate experience and user interface through additional investments in technology, aligning them with the exceptional quality of its underlying product.

Finally, the company will continue to expand its international footprint, encompassing both emerging and established markets, further solidifying its global presence.

This strategic approach is poised to empower Saville Assessment, propelling it toward greater success and consolidating its position as a leading player in the market—a prospect that fills the Saville leadership team with enthusiasm and confidence.


Ed Baylis

Ed supports Saville Assessment on strategic projects, working to grow the existing customer base while also looking at some exciting international acquisition opportunities.
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