VIPR - sophisticated software solutions for the insurance market, streamlining compliance and regulatory complexities.

In this video, shot a few months after investment, CEO Paul Templar and COO Stewart Williams share VIPR’s journey of transformation from a family-owned lifestyle business to a small-medium enterprise. They reveal what it was like to complete the investment in the midst of a pandemic and the characteristics that made Tenzing stand out against other bidders.

Richard and Bob Brown


Richard and Bob Brown

Founded by brothers Richard and Bob Brown in 2009, VIPR was set up to provide a critical service for insurers, brokers and managing general agents, saving costs, improving analysis and increasing profitability. Richard and Bob previously co-founded price comparison site Moneynet, which they sold in 2010. The brothers remain shareholders of VIPR and are ready to pursue other interests.

Paul Templar


Paul Templar

The launch of VIPR also called for a CTO – Paul Templar, who was promoted to CEO in 2019. Previously Head of IT at Moneynet, Paul has been a driving force in the creation of VIPR’s software solutions. He is now well-placed to take it into its next phase as the go-to business for delegated underwriting software – where insurers give third parties the rights to underwrite insurance on their behalf – powered by sophisticated data and analytics.

Partnership origins

With Richard and Bob Brown ready to move on from their journey as Founders and realise the value of what they’d created, the time came to define what that next step would look like. Despite a number of attractive trade purchase options presenting themselves, the desire for continued growth made private equity the right choice.

VIPR Computer Image

Why VIPR chose Tenzing

After a competitive sales process, it came down to the right fit – both on a business and personal level. The Tenzing support offering, such as the Entrepreneurs Panel, Subject Specialists, and Sherpa Programme, was also incredibly appealing to the VIPR team.

You've got to work with people you believe you're going to get on with and would allow you to grow that business. And we got on well with the team at Tenzing. It really felt like a good fit for us.”

Paul Templar

Now, it’s about defining how we work together. “We’ve got good communication lines open,” says Paul. “And I think it will evolve as we go.”

VIPR Image

Motivation for investment

Even after racking up a strong 11 years in business, growing from startup to market leader with a 30% revenue growth in the past 12 months, Paul believes there’s still a long way to go. “We’re operating in a small area of the global insurance market, so there’s an awful lot to play for,” he explains. “With assistance from Tenzing and the experts they’ve got on hand, we have a great chance of growing this significantly.”

VIPR Screen Image

How have we helped VIPR since investing?

Tenzing is now supporting the hunt for an FD and Chair, while Entrepreneur-in-Residence Glenn Elliott and head of the Tenzing Sales Leader Network Shelley Lavery are helping review VIPR’s sales process. “We need to make some sales hires and we’re just making sure we’ve got the right processes in place first, so that’s been really useful,” adds Paul.

Paul is also looking forward to Tenzing connecting VIPR with some potential Non-Executive Directors and other specialist experts to maximise growth potential, through investment in marketing, product development and internationalisation.

“I can see the future and what we’re capable of to be super successful,” Paul predicts. “With more people working remotely, there’s more of a need for systems with automation efficiencies, which we can bring to the party.”

Key Facts

Investment Highlights

  • Helping recruit FD and Chair
  • Reviewing sales process
  • Overseeing new sales hires


Israel Sotonwa

Israel is honoured to be a Sherpa at VIPR. He’s looking forward to the variety of the role and is excited at the prospect of his parents finally understanding what he does for work.