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Leading provider of back-office insurance software

Partnership origins

Founded in 2009 by two brothers, VIPR was set up to provide a critical service for insurers, brokers and managing general agents, saving costs, improving analysis and increasing profitability.

As the Founders contemplated the next phase of their journey and sought to realise the value of their creation, the time came to define what that next step would look like. Despite several attractive trade purchase options presenting themselves, the desire for continued growth made private equity the right choice.

Why VIPR chose Tenzing

Following a competitive sales process, the ultimate decision boiled down to finding the right fit, both on a business and personal level. Tenzing’s support offering, including the Entrepreneurs Panel, Subject Specialists, and Sherpa Programme, proved highly appealing to the VIPR team.

Motivation for investment

Even after racking up a strong 15 years in business, growing from startup to market leader with impressive revenue growth, VIPR’s management team believes there’s still a long way to go. Operating within a niche sector of the global insurance market, VIPR sees vast opportunities for expansion. Paul explains, “With assistance from Tenzing and the experts they’ve got on hand, we have the injection we need for significant growth.”

“You've got to work with people you believe you're going to get on with and would allow you to grow that business. And we got on well with the team at Tenzing. It really felt like a good fit for us.”

Paul Templar

How have we helped VIPR since investing?

Since our investment, Tenzing has played a supporting role in propelling VIPR’s growth trajectory. We’ve collaborated to build out the leadership team, strategically placing individuals with the expertise needed to support VIPR’s ambitious market expansion. In addition, a comprehensive review of the sales process led to key hires and process enhancements, fortifying VIPR’s sales capabilities. Venturing into the U.S. market has been a significant stride, expanding VIPR’s global footprint. Our partnership has also focused on optimising finance systems and processes, enhancing visibility into financial operations. Furthermore, Tenzing’s seamless integration with the Growth Team has facilitated valuable connections, empowering VIPR to unlock its full potential and achieve substantial milestones in its journey of sustained success.

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