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The Ascent - A Tenzing Podcast

The Ascent

Tenzing’s podcast, The Ascent, lifts the lid on the inner world and workings of the top, private equity-backed, tech entrepreneurs and CEOs. Tune in as we get under the skin of what motivates these inspiring Founders, and what drives them to push through adversity into success and back again.

Episode 8

Keith Abel talks new markets, making mistakes and mangetout

Episode 7

Caroline Plumb talks networks, playing devil’s advocate and Mongolian heritage

Episode 6

Bill Collis talks The Matrix, MBOs and software piracy

Episode 5

Titus Sharpe talks sales science and being saved by Tony Robbins

Episode 4

Glenn Elliott talks doubters, deja vu and tough decisions

Episode 3

Pierre Dubuc talks wunderkinds, social impact and never giving up

Episode 2

Louise Rogers talks guitar heroes, changing markets and digital natives

Episode 1

Dean Forbes talks The Cage, alphas and successful successions

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