Do Lectures

In a tent in Wales, now also found in tents in Australia (Vic) and USA (SF), the Do Lectures is a global gathering around ideas and how they can change the world for the better. It has terrible WiFi, but great food. It has no air conditioning, but plenty of campfire smoke. It has the smallest bar ever and unsigned bands on the cusp of making it big. It has talks from entrepreneurs who have made great things happen and those standing on the edge of a cliff about to launch. It has workshops you’d never normally sign up for. It has the biggest landscapes. Lots of noise. And Silence.

Voted in the top ten ideas festivals by the Guardian.

“If I only scrape a living, at least it’s a living worth scraping”
Mickey Smith, Do Wales, 2011

“Trust breeds magic”
Tina @swissmiss, Do USA, 2013

We whole heartedly recommend you apply to attend, you won’t regret it. Get a taster of what to expect in the video below:

Mickey Smith: Do trust in the things you love

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