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What Drives Us

Our culture and our beliefs drive us and inform our decision-making and our behavior. We like to build relationships and by setting out our beliefs and values below it gives you an opportunity to get to know us better.


We exist to create a new type of investment firm. Everything we do is focused on building a business that is open, inspiring and inclusive. We aim to achieve a firm that shares thought leadership, experiences, encouragement and inspiration with entrepreneurially-minded people within our business, our investments, potential investments, and the world at large. We strive to create a business and a network that we are proud of, while having fun and building deep trusted relationships and friendships along the way. We love what we do.


1. 1:10:1

2. Service: give back

3. Emotional intelligence: empathy and compassion

4. Continuous learning

5. Openness: seek and give feedback

6. Fun: have fun and love what you do

7. Character: do the right thing

8. Inspiration: inspire and be inspired

9. Entrepreneurship: challenge the status quo

10. Creativity

11. Sharing

12. Storytelling