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Working With Us


Deep, trustful relationships and reciprocity are core to our beliefs and integral to our strategy. We have spent large parts of our careers advising owner managers in the lower mid-market, and we know how productive and enjoyable it is to have close working relationships.

We recognise that advisors are often critical to successful deals. We look for win-win opportunities and we hope to enhance your trusted relationship with your client. In building genuine relationships with advisors, we give quick and honest feedback. When we believe in the business and its team, we fully commit to the opportunity with our senior resources and we run hard.


Focus: Premium businesses with high organic growth

Profitability: £1m + EBITDA


Prior ownership: Limited prior institutional capital


Geography: UK and Ireland


Equity investment: We initially invest upwards of £5m


Sectors: Sector agnostic, niche market challengers and leaders


Stake: Buyouts or minority transactions with key outcome influence

Simon Stevenson heads our relationship program to ensure that we keep you briefed on our strategy, the progress of our portfolio companies and exit strategies, and ensures that we deliver on our promises no matter how challenging they may be.


Contact details


T: +44 (0) 20 3282 7560

Management Teams and Owners

No one business is the same, but while each one is unique, people are always the most important factor. That’s what excites us: meeting and getting to know new management teams and owners to learn about their businesses and understand the dynamics of the markets in which they operate. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to our investments – each is individually tailored to meet your needs.

Our approach is flexible and we’d love you to test us on that. We are clear about the characteristics that attract us to businesses in the first place, and while not all of those may be present at the time we invest, we believe they will emerge in the future. We take majority or minority investments, and we are as hands on as you need us to be.

We enable management teams like you to take the next step in your journey, whether you want to take control or take a back seat, realise growth or release value, acquire or retire.

Growing faster


Does your business have the potential to outperform its market? Could it scale quickly? If you moved now could you gain or increase market share and your competitive advantage?


The right investment partner can help accelerate your growth through investments in building more product and distribution, or through acquisitions that might have previously been out of reach. We thrive on opportunities to partner with such businesses and management teams and aim to be the catalyst that you need to exploit current opportunities.

Buying the business you run


Owning the business you run is an attractive ambition, especially if you have helped build it. Yet actually achieving this goal can be daunting. Lack of funds and ownership experience plus face-to-face negotiations with the shareholders are just a few of the hurdles that you may have to overcome.


Management plays a crucial role in generating value for the company, and we want to see management teams realise this value by transforming their contributions into financial benefit.

Part selling or de-risking


Involving private equity doesn’t have to mean giving up ownership or even day-to-day control. An equity partner may be the ideal solution to your and your business’ needs. You can rebalance your wealth and shareholder base, de-risk your personal exposure, and enjoy access to additional capital, all without compromising your freedom to enter new markets, hire talented management, and invest in the business or make acquisitions.


Realising some of the value you have created lets you protect the downside, and additional advice and support gives you the confidence to make bold decisions on your strategy and business plan execution. Bringing in talented senior management also allows you to focus on the things that you do well. After all, the reasons that the business is a success are because of you.

Selling your business


There aren’t many decisions in life that are bigger than the one to sell your business – it means letting go of your life’s work and years of torment but also joy. It’s a decision you only make once and you want to get it right. Do you sell entirely or do you retain an interest? How do you support the team around you who helped build the business and whose futures you’re used to supporting and still care for? How can you ensure the continued prosperity of the business and its employees? How do you manage any family dynamics? These are all difficult questions that require the help of a trusted partner whilst you manage the issues of control, legacy, transition and succession. We would be delighted to support you navigate those challenges.